Captain Walter Francis Duke Elementary School

St. Mary's County, MD

TCA was hired to update their original prototype design (Evergreen Elementary School) to incorporate all the current technology and spatial requirements necessary to support the latest educational goals and curriculum.

Design elements were incorporated throughout the school to reflect the rich history of a notable local hero, Captain Walter Francis Duke from World War II.  TCA blended the themes of patriotism throughout the school by incorporating all branches of the military into the design.

The new school is a two-story building (77,572 sf) on a 16.22 acre site. It also includes a range of eco-friendly elements including solar (PV) panels, rain barrels, green roofing and a lighting control system. These important features allow the school to serve as a teaching tool for students to learn the importance of conservation and environmental stewardship.

This new high-performance elementary school has achieved a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ‘Gold’ certification making this facility another ‘Green’ school for St. Mary’s County Public Schools.

Owner: St. Mary’s County Public Schools
Type of Project: New LEED “Gold” School
Capacity: 650 students
Completion Date: June 2015
Site Area: 16.22 Acres
Building Area: 77,572 gsf
Budget Cost: $21,600,000
General Contractor: Scheibel Construction, Inc.